FOWWL 2017 Board of Directors

FOWWL 2017 Board of Directors


Dana Krug

President, Chair, and Director

Since 2007, Dana has been volunteering for the Friends of the West Windsor Library. She started with organizing the children’s book selections for the sales and has progressively moved through Young Adult, College Prep and Adult. Dana has held most positions on the Board, including Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, Chair and President. She enjoys reading, talking about books and authors, and finding great (and funny) titles in the book donations. For the last several years, Dana has been the voice of the Friends on Facebook and Twitter and welcomes ideas on how the Friends can become more influential on the web. Most of all, Dana is thankful for the wonderful friends and neighbors she has met and worked alongside through the Friends!


Kathy Brennan

Vice PResident and director

Kathy has been a volunteer with the Friends of the Library for some years and helps organize and price books in the Friends store. She  is co-chair of the Friends bi-annual book sales. Living across the street from the library Kathy has be an active patron of the Library enjoying the extensive book selection the Mercer County Library system as well as participating in the many community programs.  She very much enjoys being a neighbor of the West Windsor Library.


Larry Goodman

Treasurer and Director

Larry first volunteered for the Friends book sale in 2001 and has been volunteering every since. He became Treasurer in 2016.  He is an avid reader, mostly mysteries and then some history and politics. Larry believes that reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children.

Rob Bee


Peter Phipps, Sr


Pete has been volunteering for the Friends book sale since 2000 and joined the Board in 2013. He maintains our wonderful Friends Store book shelves located in the Library, sorts book donations and co-chairs the Friends semi-annual book sales.  Pete also volunteers at the West Windsor Senior Center which affords him a chance to combine his efforts for both organizations. Pete enjoys reading and encourages others especially children by assisting them to find the perfect book in the Friends store. Pete believes “those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t read.”


 Charles Phillips

Director and Web Master

Charles has lived in West Windsor since 1990. As the son of a librarian he has a special fondness for the library. Charles has volunteered at the book sale over the years, donates books (and buys more books) every year, and currently is the webmaster for the FOWWL site.