Donating Books

Our circulation staff receives donations of new and gently used books during library hours and is available to assist you. Any books left outside or in the lobby will be discarded.  

If you have an extremely large donation (i.e. 7+ bankers’ boxes), please call 799-0462 and leave a message for the book sale coordinators so that we can make special arrangements to receive your donation. You may also email us. Please put "donation" in the subject line.

Donation Guidelines

 Our book sales are only as good as the donations received. Thus, we can only sell books that are in good, smoke-free condition. Books that are damp, moldy or smelly, have torn covers, missing pages, missing covers, scribbles, or have been nibbled on cannot be sold. Please recycle these books yourself.

Acceptable Items

  • Items which are in good condition, clean, dry, mold-free, smoke-free
  • Books with covers, comic books, sheet music
  • Audio books on CDs
  • DVDs commercially produced
  • Puzzles and games - with all pieces intact

Items we cannot accept:

  • Items which are unhealthy to handle or dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed or wet
  • Books missing covers
  • Magazines 
  • Encyclopedias 
  • Homemade DVDs, CDs
  • Video or cassette tapes
  • Reader's Digest condensed books
  • Out of date legal and regulatory reference books
  • Catalogs
  • Journals, postcards or diaries
  • SAT, GRE books (or other test prep guides) before 2012
  • AAA Travel Guides 
  • Computer software and program books 
  • Items (i.e. glassware, serving pieces) suitable for garage sales 

Tax Receipt

Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you may be able to deduct the value of your donation on your income taxes. If you want a receipt for income tax purposes, please bring a breakdown of the number of item types with your donation. We will then provide you with a signed receipt that you may use when filing your income taxes. We do not assign a value to the books you donate. You will need to determine the value of your donation yourself.